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  • Animal Parade Animal Parade 18887 plays Help the Teletubbies to pair each animal.
  • The Jungle Book (1994) The Jungle Book (1994) 18112 plays Disney's The Jungle Book is a 2D Platformer game, developed and published by Virgin Interactive, which was released in 1994.
  • Banana Monkey Banana Monkey 14486 plays Guide the Monkey across the Jungles and Rivers to get all the Bananas. The more levels you reach, the more Bananas you will need to eat in order to go to the next level. But don't fall in water and watch out for snakes.
  • Wild Snake (1994) Wild Snake (1994) 13373 plays Emulated full version of Wild Snake for SNES console (Super Nintendo).
  • Robosnake Robosnake 13208 plays This robot snake gets more and more speed by picking up body parts. Can you guide him safely through all the hi-tech techno levels? Avoid hitting objects, elevators and laser beams.
  • Wild Snake(1994) Wild Snake(1994) 12178 plays WildSnake is a puzzle game in which the player must manage falling snakes in a confined space and keep the snakes from reaching the top of the space. Snakes fall and slither until they reach a resting spot on the floor of the space. A snake will destroy any other snakes of the same color and pattern that it touches with its head on the way down, which often has the chain effect of loosening the pile of snakes so that all the snakes slither into new positions, possibly eliminating even more snakes.
  • Robo Snake Robo Snake 11865 plays The snake has robotized itself to achieve more speed, but can you handle it? The objective is to obtain the random placed bytes inside each level, so the snake can accumulate them and grow in side.
  • Shadow Snake Shadow Snake 11795 plays The spirit of the snake wants to escape the Temple of Shadows. But demons guard the gates
  • Brain Power - Zoo Brain Power - Zoo 9024 plays Memorize the animals arranged order from left to right and click on the animals in same order without making a single mistake.
  • Snakes Adventure Snakes Adventure 8174 plays Snake's Adventure is advanced version of classic Snake, with beautiful scrolling graphics, eight different stages and three levels of difficulty.
  • Radioactive Snakes Radioactive Snakes 7913 plays Fun snake game with a few twists and a fun 2-player mode. The object of the game is to keep your snake alive. Sounds easy, but these snakes are radioactive. They need to eat constantly just to stay alive, and they are extremely unstable. It only takes one bump and they implode!
  • Tarzan Jungle Of Doom Tarzan Jungle Of Doom 7237 plays Help Tarzan escape from the Jungle of Doom. To do this, he must swing from vine to vine, survive a crocodile-infested swamp, jump or duck falling rocks rolling down from Valley of Volcanos.
  • Shadow Snake 3 Shadow Snake 3 6977 plays

    A beautiful reincarnation of the beloved game that used to rule the gaming world for ages!
    Collect all the light gems and avoid those mean monsters!

  • Snake Prey Snake Prey 6295 plays Help the snake to gulp the eggs which keep appearing on the ground without hitting the walls over there. Gulping the fruits help in earning bonus score.
  • Ankomako Ankomako 6231 plays In this game you need to make sure Ankomako collects items and stays away from the evil witch.
  • Gift Hunt Gift Hunt 6148 plays Help Freshia get greedy with the gift grabbing! Collect the gifts without running into the gift tail or the wall.
  • Big Little Grub Big Little Grub 6021 plays

    Snake arcade on the records. control it to eat fruits, make its longer longer !! ,beware don't eat its tail.

  • Absolute Snake Absolute Snake 5962 plays Move the snake, collect bonuses and complete the level!
  • Birds Rescuing Eggs Birds Rescuing Eggs 5949 plays

    Girls! You may be aware of the proverb “Birds of the same feather flock together” But in times of danger and misfortunes even the birds of different feathers flock together to protect themselves. Yes, these lovely and colorful birds which you will see in this exciting décor game are living peacefully in a huge tree. They have built their nests and laid eggs to multiply their families. But all of a sudden some deadly reptiles crept into their territory and started destroying their dreams. And these birds know the old saying “United we stand divided we fall” So these peace loving birds went and sought the help of an eagle to chase away the snakes that are causing them big troubles and rescue their eggs. When the eagle is near, the snakes can\’t mess with the birds. Well, girls, now you have got the story in a nut shell. So work your imagination to decorate a wonderful scene as we have narrated you. Decorate the tree with different birds, eagle, eggs and snakes in various places in a creative way that it conveys a story. Have fun with this décor game!

  • My Undead Neighbors 3 My Undead Neighbors 3 5758 plays

    Mr. Clumsy has found the lost city of " El Dorado", search the gold totem to exit from levels full of deadly traps with zombies, snakes, bats... and collect all the treasures before escaping.

  • Kocakafali Kocakafali 5381 plays Move through the jungle with your machete. Grab coins, kill creatures and watch for falling rocks.
  • Snake Classic Snake Classic 4813 plays Collect all the food and don't let the snake touch the walls or its own tail!
  • Delicious Delivery Delicious Delivery 4716 plays Collect pizzas and treatzas along the route to deliver to a pizza party. Get one for every kid at the party.
  • GREEN SNAKE MANIA GREEN SNAKE MANIA 4705 plays This is classic game for kids and adults. Guide the Snake and feed the eggs, frog and lizard as much as possible and make it grow. Complete the given target to move successive levels. Avoid obstacle and be careful do not hit direct to the snake into its own tail else you lose the game. Achieve the highest score possible.
  • Sssnake Sssnake 4431 plays Eat apples and avoid touching the fences, houses, water, etc.
  • Python Python 4428 plays Eat mice to keep up your energy. Don't hit the side or your own tail.
  • Super Snake Super Snake 4267 plays Collect all the food and don't let the snake touch the walls or its own tail!
  • M M Snake M M Snake 4147 plays Classic Snake game with an amazing M & M's pink theme, enjoy this challenging and addicting game with three different levels of difficulty! Eat as many M & M's as you can and make your snake grow.

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