Girls! Have you ever imagined how your dear Dora’s room would look like? It would certainly be a place of fun and amusement with all her friends-Boots, Swiper, The Fiesta Trio etc. When these friends assemble in Dora’s room they have a great blast of laughter and indulge in lots of fun filled activities. Would you like to join Dora and her friends and enjoy as much as they do? Well, you can join her provided that you decorate her room with elegant furniture and pictures on the wall. You can place the items wherever you want but the thing is you need to make the room adorable and lovely. If you could do so, Dora the explorer will consider you as her friend forever. So avail this opportunity and decorate her room perfectly. Enjoy!

1 Player, Flash, Kids, Girl, Decorate, Girls, Free Game, Cartoon,

How To Play:

This game is played with the mouse only.

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